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I lost my 15 year old son Paul, on January 20, 2017. I found him that morning face down in his bed when I went to make sure he was up getting ready for school. He had never been diagnosed with anything. He had one "febrile" seizure at 3 years old. Mid-December 2016, he had an episode of 4 seizures within 24 hours. He was admitted into Children's Hospital & every tests performed, CT scan, EEG, EKG & then an MRI. No abnormalities shown. They sent us home & said if he had another one within 6 months, they would start him on Keppra. Ironically his follow up appointment with that neurologist was scheduled the afternoon of the day he passed. He was a freshman in high school with his entire future ahead of him. The most loving kid anyone could ask for. We will always miss him dearly.

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