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Lost my daughter to Sudep October 6 2017. She was the mother of a three month old son, who was in perfect health. She was diagnosed after a second tonic clonic seizure at the age of 20, she was put on topamax and was seizure free for 7 years. She was encouraged to go ahead and get pregnant which she did, literally the day of conception her seizures returned. At first they were absent seizures but developed into full seizures during the pregnancy. Her son was born healthy at 10 lbs 3 oz on July 4 2017. Her last seizure was during delivery, which ended in a c section after 2 days of labour. The seizures they thought would be gone, and the risk would be 6 weeks post partum. She was fine, and remained on a higher does of meds. She died at 12 weeks post partum. I found her dead in her bed when I went to visit one moring. Her son sleeping soundly in the crib and safe. I would love to talk to others who were in a situation that hormones contributed to the seizure activity. She was 28 when she died.

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