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Welcome to the Bereavement Support Group. The Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute would like to express our deepest condolences to you and your family. We understand losing a loved one to epilepsy is confusing and tragic and we want to help.

This group is designed to help you connect with others who have lost loved ones to epilepsy. You can begin by creating your profile page and telling us about yourself and your loved one. This profile is viewable only by members of this group. You can also search other profiles to find group members who have experienced a loss similar to yours.  As you use the site you will be able to follow certain members as well as become trusted contacts so you can send private messages to one another. We even have a chat feature so you can connect to other group members when you are online.

You can read and create posts to share the story of your loved one, or discuss any other topic of interest. You can participate in the Q&A as well as polls. We have  also uploaded documents you may find helpful.

We hope you will find this community a helpful resource. Learn more about our bereavement support services and don't hesitate to contact us. Simply call 800-332-1000 and press option 1 or email

At the SUDEP Institute, you are not alone.

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