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************The Kids Crew group page will be closing in the near future. We are considering other options for kids and families to connect so stay tuned for further information.***************


The Kids Crew group is a safe place for Kids Crew members to connect online, to ask questions, and to learn about what others are doing to make a difference across the country. It is a place to see that kids impacted by epilepsy are not alone!

In this group, we encourage kids to ask questions so other members can answer. We want members to see that other kids are going through similar challenges and what they are doing to overcome them. We also want members to share how they are working in their communities to make a difference. There is real power in working with others. Together, we can change the world!

The page is available to registered Kids Crew members only.

If your child is not yet a Kids Crew member, please complete the registration form at Once your child’s membership form has been reviewed and your child receives a new member kit in the mail, return to the group page and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Sign up” at the very top of the page
  2. Enter a First Name, Last Name, and parent's Email (This information will be used to see if your child is a Kids Crew member)
  3. Look for your confirmation email with a link to set your password
  4. Click the link or copy and paste it into your browser
  5. Set your password and add a picture to your child's profile
  6. Click on Groups at the very top of the page
  7. Click “Join group” for the Kids Crew

Once we verify your child is a member of the Kids Crew and approve you, you will receive an email that you have access to the group.

To view the Terms and Conditions for the Kids Crew Group that you agreed to when signing up, please click here.

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