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On February 26, 2012 Jeff had his second seizure. A few hours later, he held me as I cried. I cried because with the second seizure he how had Epilepsy. I cried because this was a medical condition we were going to have to manage for the rest of his life. Little did I know, the rest of his life would only be two hours. Jeff died of SUDEP, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy a fatal complication of Epilepsy that no one talks about. I had never heard of it, I was not warned by our doctors and thus: Jeff died while sleeping alone. I have made it my mission in life to educate people about SUDEP, not only those with Epilepsy but everyone. I want the acronym of SUDEP to be as commonly known as SIDS. But the story doesn't end there. On October 12th, 2014 my youngest son had a seizure as I was reading his bedtime stories. He went on to have two more seizures in 10 days and has a diagnosis of Complex Partial Epilepsy. I have an additional path now, not only to educate and raise awareness of SUDEP but also to find a cure for Epilepsy

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