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I am a mother to three beautiful children and have been married to my husband, TJ for 22 years. Our son, Cole, passed away August 28, 2016. He had just turned 18 on the 17th of August, 2016. He was diagnosed with localized focal motor Epilepsy in March of this year. He only suffered two full seizures since March. He did have some partial seizures, but was otherwise perfectly healthy. We are trying to understand how this happens, just like everyone else. We went to wake him on the morning of the 28th and he had passed away in his sleep. We have two other children and our family is just devastated at this loss. We feel like we are in a fog, days are just passing and we are just getting through them. We are blessed by many friends and family supporting us as well as a strong faith but the pain is still strong. Our son had his whole life ahead of him and was such a smart, kind and caring person.

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