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Our son, Nathaniel John Snyder, ran ahead of us to heaven on 12/10/2018. Nathan was only 29 years old & had just gotten married on 5/19/2018. It's a small comfort but we take what we can get any time, but our son had learned that he was going to be a father, was having a boy, whom he got to name. Nathan hadn't had a seizure (that we know of) for approximately 2 years - he was taking medicine for them, however. Our family wasn't aware of the fact that someone could die from his type of small seizures, so we experienced a lot of trauma from his sudden passing. He developed the seizures in his 20's and was initially diagnosed with thrush due to him waking up with his tongue feeling somewhat weird; however, we later learned that his tongue issues were most likely brought on from the seizures. Our family decided to organize a golf tournament in May 2019 to fundraise for his widow and their son - it was also the first Mother's Day without my precious child. This year 2020, and all upcoming years, we've decided to fundraise for SUDEP research. The tournament is called the Big Nate Classic and is held in Ohio on the Saturday preceding Mother's Day. Our family is from Ohio but moved to Texas when Nathan was 10 years old, which is why the golf classic is held in Ohio: all of our family lives there (we are the only ones living in Texas besides his widow & son) - Nathan is a Buckeye through and through and loved his Ohio State football. There is a brick being laid in his honor at the stadium this year. I feel comfort knowing so many people remember him and that this support group is here - I wished I had found it sooner.

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