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I turned fifty years old on Nov. 29 2015....At 40 years old I had my third child a daughter. Her name is Katie and she has two older siblings. Mae 23 and John 19. Mae and John were diagnosed with Epilepsy at 16. Johnny died Nov. 3 2015, from sudden death epileptic seizure, shortly after recovering from his seizure, minutes, while alone he suffered a cardiac arrest, he died in pain. I had a quadruple bypass in Jan. 7, 2010. I have lived a very very long journey. I am at a crossroads in my life...I am scared, I left Katie's father April 4, 2016 after a short six month attempt to repair our 18 year relationship we started on Oct. 6, 2015, one month before my son died. Then Katie's father began drinking again in to complete oblivion to be sober 27 days out of six months. I woke up from Johnnies death late January I think.....I enrolled in school and start May 10th. I am afraid of loosing another child, I am accused of being very intelligent and incredibly strong woman. I say I walk with unshaken spirituality for God.

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