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My 18 yo son passed of SUDEP on July 11,2020. He was not a typical 18 year old in that he carried around a stuffed animal with him everywhere he went it was always in the bag he carried on his back. He was highly intellegent, he went through a lot of testing that is not just me bragging.LOL He would ask me for a hug 20 times a day and no matter what kind of mood I was in or what I was doing he ALWAYS got a hug. I wont lie sometimes it was frustrating but I am so glad I never said no. At 9:30pm on July 11th I was getting ready for bed and he came in and asked me for a hug. I hugged him and told him I love him and goodnight. He left my room and went to his. At 10:15pm my husband went to tell him something and found him on the floor half in his computer chair that had flipped on its side. My daughter came and got me saying Jamie had a seizure ( a very regular occurance). I knelt beside him to turn him on his side and at that moment knew he was gone.Long story short i will always have that last hug and know our last words were I love you Goodnight. My 22 yo son also has epilepsy. He had his first ever seizure at 20yo. I HATE EPILEPSY!!

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