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I’m so glad I came across this group. I am a single mother of two grown kids. A daughter, 22, just finishing college. A son, 17, in heaven. Montgomery was just 17 years old when he died from SUDEP on 09.07.2020. But, he didn’t die immediately. My ex found him in time to keep his “body” alive. But, the damage was done. We live in a small West Texas city and he needed to be flown to San Antonio for testing. Where he was confirmed brain dead. We were able to donate his liver, pancreas & both kidney’s. It’s my one very weak moment of making good out of something so horrible. Montgomery only had epilepsy since 2016. It was never controlled & they never found a reason why he developed epilepsy in the first place. I’ve had epilepsy myself for 28 years now. Well controlled. Maybe a dozen gran mals within those years? Too many aura’s to count but I listened to my body & stopped it. My epilepsy is from a head injury sustained in a car accident. It’s been 6+ months since he passed. I’m either in a ball of tears or acting like he’s gone for the weekend. Plus, grieving alone is very hard. Longer story there. I just want to meet others who have experienced this type of death. I hadn’t heard of SUDEP until a friend told me. Doctor confirmed that it was a SUDEP death.

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